iiNet Toolbox to Manage Your Account

24 Sep

These days, online connection has more weight than face to face discussions. Especially, in business communications, it is considered that walls might hear the deals. So, if web-mail functioning interrupts for any cause, it affects brutally to your business. iiNet consists of a toolbox which would help you for ease of use of this mailing system.

If you need any assistance for the same, you can reach to us by dialing iiNet helpline number 1-800-789-560. The team will help you in utilizing it completely to retrieve your account.

Following are some of the benefits of iiNet toolbox:

  1. It comes with a login recovery tool which would guide you in restoring your toolbox username and password. You should have your ID or mobile number that you had given for your billing contact.
  2. You should keep editing your password every few months to keep your account safe from attackers. To change your password you will have to go to the ‘my account’ page after signing in.
  3. You will always be updated about your support requests. You can go under ‘my account’ to locate all the open and the frequent tasks related to your web-mail account.
  4. If you select to receive bills through email, you get entitled to save $1.49 every month. You can change your preferences by going to the ‘update contact details’ after visiting the ‘my account’.

How to login into toolbox:

  1. Go to toolbox login page or else you can sign in via login button at top menu bar on website.
  2. To sign in according to different services, you can contact our customer support.
  3. In case, you are unable to recall password, you can go to password recovery tool page.

How to navigate through this toolbox:

  1. You will find a navigation bar on desktop.
  2. You can locate navigation menu on mobile.

For further details, you can contact us for help by dialing iiNet toll free number 1-800-789-560. The experts will provide you with the best of answers for your all possible queries. The team is available around the clock and they are very well aware of the associated issues and also how to solve them. You can reach to them for help at any time around the clock.

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